Repairing and programming of instrument clusters

Instrument clusters correction*

The carmakers did not stop to record only the state of kilometersin the instrument clusters. Modern cars have got systems for transferring data between electronic control units. It means that the real state of kilometers is saved in many electronic modules, sometimes inside of cars’ keys also (like Mercedes-Benz or BMW).
We will perform a correction of instrument clusters really professionally and safely. We will change the mileage in the instrument clusters or in all control modules. After this, it will be impossible to find out the real mileage.
*The law does not forbid to change of car meter reading. However it is forbidden, if you don't inform the next buyer about this fact (about changing mileage of kilometers).

Repairing the instrument cluster

Addition to changing the counter, we also specialize in repairing instrument clusters. Defects and faults, which we are able to repair include: pointers, lights, displays and other elements informing the driver. In the instrument cluster set, there are also saved data about the car configuration, ID number car, etc. For some cars models the instrument cluster is an integral part of the immobilizer. The whole protect your car's against the stealing.
If for some reason, the repair of Your car’s instrument cluster will be impossible or unprofitable, we can program and install other, used instrument cluster in Your car.


In the cars from USA, Canada or UK there are different units, forexample miles instead of kilometers, Fahrenheit degrees instead ofCelsius, etc. In some cars models, units could be change manually using the car interface. In others it is possible only in suitable carservice. We are also able to do it.