The comprehensive service of Air-conditioning

The temperature and humidity inside the car, influences into comfort and safety of driving. Your air conditioning could have impact in Your mood as well as into Your ability to concentrate, response time and prone to tired. The optimal temperature of air should be between 20-25 degrees. The optimal humidity should be between 40-60%. It is also very important to have the temperature on the head level about 7 degrees lower than on the feet level.
In summer the car interior warms up to 60 degrees and the dashboard can reach 120 degrees. Classic cooling systems cannot help to cool it down and it's the reason, why the air-conditioning is so popular. The air-conditioning is also helpful with getting rid of steam and ice from the glass or removing dust and pollen from the air, as well as the strange smell.

A periodical service of air-conditioning

Like most of the mechanical devices, the air-conditioning needs tobe checked sometimes. The service includes: changing of cabin air filters, checking the pressure and refilling the refrigerant as well as changing lubricant oil, cleaning of the evaporator and the air ducts, checking permeability of the pipe, which carries out the water vapor from the evaporator and checking if the control works fine. Once in a two-three years the dryer filter should be replaced. This filter gets the water out of the system and filters out oil inside the device (water can damage the compressor).

Replacingthe cabin air filters

It is necessary to replace the cabin air filters regularly because if it's a lot of pollution on the the filter layer, thus reducing the flow of fresh air. A dirty filter can result:
  - steamed up the windows
  - an odor inside the car
  - damage of the interior blower.
The filter should be replaced:
  - once a year, commonly in spring before the period of pollen plants
  - after 15000 km
  - according to manufacturer’s recommendations.


Improperly serviced air-conditioning, can produce mold odor inside of a car. It is caused by microorganisms and fungus that evolve near evaporatorunder the dashboard. Humidity, high temperature and lack of light make a good environment for them. They can be a cause of lungillnesses and allergy. To avoid it, the evaporator should bedecontaminated and the air ducts should be cleaned at least once a year.

The most common damage causes

Inside of the air-conditioning system flows refrigerants, which distributes the special oil for the compressor and moisturise the seals.In Winter, when the system does not work, the oil accumulates in several parts of the air-conditioning system and then this oil is dries what can be a cause of damage of the compressor. The air conditioningcannot beturned offfor more than a week.
The most common cause of damage of the air-conditioning is lack oftightness and leaking of the refrigerant which is mostly an effectof collision or of delaying the service. If a half of the refrigerant gets out, the air-conditioning stops working. So it is very important to provide an annual service.